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Doors are an element playing a big part in defining the style of a home or building and they are also an element with a life that repays an investment over many years, so we advise you to get the right information before making a decision.

Fustalia offers a wide variety of materials and finishes for both outside and interior doors.

In terms of the form of opening, as well as hinged, sliding and pivoting doors, we also have sliding doors set into the wall and hinged ones flush with the wall that are almost invisible. In terms of functions, wooden doors can separate two spaces or provide security against burglars (reinforced or armoured), fire resistance or sound insulation.

At Fustalia we guide you taking objective criteria into account:
● the characteristics of the building, the home or the room
● the climatological and environmental surroundings of the building
● personal preferences and available financial resources

The correct fitting of the door is as important as the correct choice: Fustalia guarantees a professional job.

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